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All's YETI Tank 85 Lid Grey Coolers

Single item
Sku: 1032125-AAA-1-7-B
Style: LIDS
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YETI Tank 85 Lid Coolers Accessories
Zoom view of YETI Tank 85 Lid Alternate view of Tank 85 Lid

Product Features:

Material: Roto-Mold Polyethylene
How do you make the YETI Tank the king of all ice buckets? You give it a crown, or in this case, a lid. The YETI Tank Lid is made of UV-resistant, marine grade material and lets you seal your Tank to keep beverages cold, make transporting easy, and even add an extra seat to your get together.

  • UV Resistant
  • Marine Grade Material
  • Makes a great seat or cutting surface
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