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Bushnell Hybrid Laser & GPS GPS/Range Finders

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Bushnell Hybrid Laser & GPS  GPS/Range Finders Accessories
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Product Features:

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The Bushnell Hybrid Laser and GPS rangefinder combines the latest in laser and GPS technologies. The utilization of precise Laser and GPS yardages allows the golfer to take the guesswork out of the game and see distance like never before. The lasered distances to the pin are displayed while the GPS provide front and back yardage readings within the LCD. Additionally, exterior GPS front, center and back yardages have been incorporated to assist with correct club selections when golfers have cart path only or blind shots. With Dual Power Technology, you will be able to use the laser even if the GPS is not charged. The CR2 battery will power the laser and the USB rechargeable lithium ion battery will power the GPS. The rangefinder also features PinSeeker with JOLT Technology. This helps the golfer with exact distances to the flag by providing short, vibrating bursts to reinforce that Pinseeker Technology has isolated the target and locked onto the flag.

  • Laser features: PinSeeker w/ JOLT Technology; Accurate to 1 yard; 5X Magnification; Ranges 400 yards to a flag; Fast Focus System; Stable-Grip Technology; Tournament legal
  • GPS features: Exterior front/center/back readouts; Up to 4 hazard distances per hole; Bluetooth for auto course updates; Auto course recognition; Auto hole advance
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