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St. Andrews Global Golf Cedar Size 8-12 Natural Shoe Tree

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Sku: 1036722-AAA-1-7-B
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St. Andrews Global Golf Cedar Size 8-12 Shoe Tree Accessories
Zoom view of St. Andrews Global Golf Cedar Size 8-12

Product Features:

Material: Cedar
These premium shoe trees will help maintain the fit and appearance, absorb moisture, refresh, deodorize, and add life and comfort to your shoes. To renew the cedar forest fresh aroma, sand lightly with sandpaper. The Global Golf logo is burn stamped into the handle of the shoe tree.

  • Adjustable and fits shoe sizes 8-12
  • Fresh Cedar absorbs moisture while refreshes and deodorizes shoes in storage
  • Adds life to shoes by maintaining form and comfort in storage
  • Easy to renew fresh cedar scent by lightly sanding with sand paper
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